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What is Enterprise Software Development?

Process of building high-quality software to meet the needs of an organization. Enterprise software development applications are developed for consumers outside the organization, unlike line-of-business (LOB) applications which serve only internal users.


Enterprise applications may either replace older legacy systems that were built into the organization or rapidly create new capabilities and functionality. Enterprise application development is often carried out by large teams and Enterprise Application Development (EAD) methodologies such as Agile Enterprise Application Development are used to ensure efficient development of Enterprise Applications.


Enterprise Software Development can be defined as the creation of any new system or modification to an existing system which is used by the Enterprise, whether internally or externally. Enterprise applications are built for purposes outside of generating revenue, unlike consumer software.

Types of Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software development projects are often carried out by large teams in Agile Enterprise Software Development methodologies in order to ensure efficient development of these technologies.

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)

Commercial off-the-shelf software, or COTS, is software that has been developed for the general public and is available for purchase by anyone. This software is usually customizable to meet the needs of the customer, but it is not developed specifically for a particular customer or organization.

It refers to software that generally comes in a package and is sold in the same way as other commercial products rather than being commissioned or developed specifically for one customer.

Open Source

Open-source software is a type of computer application whose source code is open and may be distributed and modified accordingly. The open-source software can be obtained for no cost and often with the ability to make changes or additions.

The open-source quickly and easily find bugs and solve them, resulting in a more stable software that everyone can benefit from. The fact that you not only get the source code but also the right to modify it is something very special about this kind of software development. This allows users to create an even more useful and higher-quality software.

Custom Solutions

The software is built to meet the specific needs of the customer, and is not available off-the-shelf. Custom software is often expensive, and requires a lot of customization and development work.

In this day and age, it has become a norm not only to cater to your customer’s every whim but also keep improving at every opportunity. With this comes the need to have custom software solutions that are able to meet business needs and run platforms smoothly for future growth.

Public Cloud Solutions

Public Cloud software is a subset of cloud computing where the customer does not have access to or control over underlying physical resources, which are typically owned by a third party.

The obvious benefit is that this third party takes care of all the infrastructural and management aspects, enabling a user to focus on their applications. In return for doing so, they typically charge a fee per usage. Optimally, only pay for what you consume which makes it fast and easy to deploy into production while being cost effective.

Enterprise Software Development services

Enterprise software development is more than just writing code and creating a great product. Enterprise software development services must take the needs of the company, as well as their customers, into consideration. Enterprise software is often used to streamline tasks and make them more efficient, which is an important aspect of any business today.


Enterprise Software Development Services can be delivered in-house or remotely through the internet for organizations that do not need on-site help from programmers and designer.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management is a term that can mean different things to different companies. Enterprise content management systems are designed to integrate and manage digital assets, such as images or videos with workflows like task assignment and approval cycles.

Enterprise content management is often used to manage unstructured information, such as training materials or marketing content across an organization.

Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)

Enterprise social networking (ESN) is the use of social networking tools by businesses. ESN allows businesses to connect with their employees and customers. ESN can improve communication within a business, and it can also help businesses to better understand their customers. Enterprise social networking can also help to create a more open culture within an organization.

Enterprise Search (ES)

Enterprise search is the term used to describe the technology and methodology used to locate specific content within a company's intranet or internal networks. The purpose of enterprise search is to make it easier for employees to find the information they need, when they need it.

Enterprise search appliances are not software so cannot be installed onto standard off the shelf servers. Enterprise search appliances have additional security features such as hardware accelerated data encryption, Enterprise Authentication and Role Based Zonal Access Controls

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a category of software that helps businesses manage their resources. This includes everything from financial resources to human resources to inventory. ERP software allows businesses to track all of their resources in one place, which makes it easier to make strategic decisions about how to allocate and optimize them.

ERP software systems may include the ability to compile and analyze data, including customer information and product performance. Enterprise resource planning allows businesses to respond quickly and effectively to changes in their internal or external environment.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Custom relationship management (CRM) is a form of customer relationship management that employs a specific set of principles and practices to build, manage and measure customer-related interactions. It helps the organization in staying in touch and building relationships with its customers, as well as managing all their information and data related to those customers.

Human Resources (HR) systems

It is a system for managing a company's employment of a corporation.

The human resource department is always thinking about recruiting, training and staffing. They are really in charge of the day-to-day care and feeding (so to speak) of your employees.

A good human resource department can help you save money by being proactive about avoiding employee turnover. A Human resource system is a computer system for organizations that manages the recruitment, training and staffing of employees.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS)

Enterprise mobility solutions are a way for businesses to manage and secure their mobile devices. They allow employees to access company data from anywhere and help keep track of where company data is being used. Enterprise mobility solutions also make it easier for businesses to deploy new apps and updates to employees' devices.

Enterprise Software Development Process

NGA is a software development company from Canada that specializes in creating custom applications with clear structure and accountability. Our team builds successful, quality products by using logic to develop logical processes for each stage of our work cycle – all the way from planning out your requirements until delivery!

Customer Success Stories

Covid trial system

We were the FIRST company in the world to develop the COVID trial system for the government health agencies to detect, treat, analyze the patients, and collobaorate the results with Clinical Labs and define the logistics for the same.  Without the need of a human contact.


Based on software the case study was published in American, and European Health journals and suggested how the data helped Clinical agencies to analyze the effectiveness of the dosage of the medicines.  

Technologies: Node.js, MySQL, PHP, Google Maps API services 

Learning and certificate management

Technologies: MySQL, PHP 

On Demand Services Web and App

Technologies: Php, Node.js, MySQL, Swift, Java

Custom CRM Development

Any software development firms always shy away to develop tools similar Hubspot, Salesforce or any other CRM as it involves a rigrous planning, and implementation of technical architecture , subject knowledge. 


NGA developed a custom CRM development SaaS based solution where the account holders can create their own listings, forms, file management, menu, define processes , automation, and templates. 

Technologies: Node.js, Php, MongoDB, Json services

Ecommerce Development

Technologies: Elastic, Debian, Redis, MySQL, PHP 

Listing App/ web development

Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Java, Swift, Webservices 

Transport Management

Technologies: Node.js, Maps API’s, Php, MongoDB, MySQL, Webservices

Logisitcs Management

Technologies: Node.js, Maps API’s, Php, MongoDB, MySQL, Webservices

Social App Development

With the rise of social media, NGA developed a new age social media solution based on the request of a startup ie has unique collaboration system and is mixture of Facebook, Clubhouse, and ticketing system.


A platform unqiuely built for content creators to create and monetize every aspect of content that is lucrative for Brands, advertisers. 


Technologies: Swift, Java, MySQL, PHP 

WorkBot Management

Convert Manual everyday job to automization such that resources can be better utilized and accounted for productivity. 


Few automations that we have developed over the years are Chat, Download, Upload, Update record on responses, extract information, automated call, automated dispatch system, social media posting and commenting, timesheet calculation, salary management, email management.

Restaurant One Suite Services

The one suite services is the complete package for any businesses in the sector of retail or food. 

Everything that you require to starting your business and to grow is all included in this such as

POS, Website, ERP, Mobile Apps, Social Media auto posting, chatbots, delivery tracker, mobile menu / catalog system for instore, omnichannel, customer segmentation, heat map vectors

What our customers say about us


NGA added value to the project far beyond the intended scope of work. Their advice and guidance about running a new business have been invaluable. The team is clearly passionate about the work and shares innovative ideas and solutions to drive the project forward. 



Founder, Windit – Mobility for the Future

Enterprise Mobility Solution

A tech startup hired us to conduct market research and to develop a proof of concept for a key technology component of their proposed product. The goal was to narrow down the features needed for the MVP. 

Technologies Used


What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development is the process of creating bespoke enterprise software systems for companies and other organizations.

Enterprise software development relies on a collaborative relationship between stakeholders to meet business needs. Software developers design the system, while clients provide input about their goals and needs.

In order to create a system that will meet their needs, clients work with other stakeholders such as other employees and customers.

How Open Source helps in Enterprise Software Development?

There has been a significant change in how enterprise software is developed. The traditional way of coding software would take more time, which would lead to increased costs. The traditional coding also required coders to be deeply specialized in the type of application being developed.

The increased costs are one of the reasons for this change in how these types of applications are developed. Open source software has now become available to address this issue by allowing companies to build enterprise software using open source development techniques. This would allow them to generate better cost savings, due to the fact that companies would no longer have to pay for software developers who are specialized in developing a certain type of application.

Open source development techniques allow a company to generate more applications with a limited amount of resources by sharing the resources among different types of companies. These resources include not only the time and money needed to develop enterprise software, but also data, ideas, and experience.

How to track a progress of an enterprise in software development?

Track the progress of the enterprise software development by identifying what needs to be done. Set a timeline for each task and determine an order for completing them. The project manager should set realistic goals on what can be accomplished in a specified amount of time. Planning is key when tracking progress in software development.
Enterprise software is most often developed in iterations, with each iteration representing a certain part of the project. Software development life cycle (SDLC) is a framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of making software. The stages are divided into phases that match particular kinds of activities to related tasks. There are many models for SDLC.

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